Welcome to The Dojo Trade Show–the official B2B trade show for combat sports business professionals.

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. What used to be regulated to the underground is now mainstream with fight clubs popping up on every corner like a Starbucks coffee house. As fans of MMA and students of combat sports, The Dojo Trade Show was designed to connect combat sports business owners directly to vendors to get the gear required to keep their gyms, bodies, and fighters in the best shape ever with the equipment they need to train at their best.

Our combat sports conference takes place three times a year, at a convention center near you. The Dojo Trade Show isn’t like other combat sports conventions or MMA expos. We focus on the people fighting the invisible fight to sustain a profitable sports business with best nutritional supplement companies, protective gear manufacturers, cutting agent manufacturers, sports supplement companies, apparel companies and more.

At The Dojo Trade Show, you’ll have the opportunity to shake hands directly with the vendors who have the products you need to take your gym, or combat sports business, to the next level. If you’re a vendor, we’re bringing you hot leads from the only B2B mixed martial arts trade show in the United State designed for professional networking so that you can close more sales by doing more business with buyers who are ready to buy en masse.

Come shake hands at the combat sports industry trade show. The Dojo Trade show is the biggest trade show in North America targeting fitness professionals in the arena of combat sports and the companies that serve them.

Roll with Us in A City Near You

July 25-26, 2020

Dojo Trade Show