Black Belt Sponsorship


Kick some major expo ass as a Black Belt sponsor at The Dojo Trade Show. Our Black Belt Sponsorships are a great way to gain exposure for your brand. Not only will you have one of the most premiere booth placements at the event, but you’ll also be seen everywhere The Dojo Trade Show is.

Some of the perks of being a Black Belt sponsor are but not limited to:

  • Email blast with your logo and link to The Dojo Trade Shows highly targeted list
  • Social media blasts on The Dojo Trade Show’s social media properties with your brand’s logo and links to your website
  • Sponsor mention on all podcasts, radio shows and event postings

Want to learn more about what it takes to become a Black Belt sponsor and the benefits thereof? Email us at for your customized Black Belt Sponsorship opportunity.

No other company shall receive the benefits of this sponsorship. Multi-company sponsorships will not be permitted. Any additional labels or brands the Sponsor elects to bring into this booth can be done so for an additional $275 each. Additional labels/brands will NOT be promoted as sponsors but will receive a listing on rosters, booth signs and will have a link on The Dojo Trade Show website.

Booth shares a permissible. However, share companies are NOT sponsors. If you would like to sponsor The DJT as a share company, you can find out more information regarding booth sharing here.

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Black Belt Sponsorship

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